Part One – The Kitchen Cabinet Carcass

The kitchen cabinet carcass is the part of the kitchen on to which doors and drawers are attached.  So what are your options?

Melamine Faced Chipboard

Kitchen Cabinet - Melamine Faced Chipboard
Melamine Faced Chipboard

The most basic of carcasses are made from Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC).  This is where chipboard is faced in a melamine laminate surface that is moisture resistant and easy to keep clean.  All edges need to be sealed to stop moisture getting in otherwise the chipboard will expand and ‘blow’.  Most mass-produced kitchen carcasses are made from this material and it is the most affordable option.

Medium Density Fireboard

Melamine faced medium density fibreboard

The next option is Melamine Faced Medium Density Fibreboard (MF MDF).  This is made from felted wood fibres and is bonded together under high pressure then faced with a melamine laminate.  MF MDF is considered superior to chipboard and is not much more expensive – just costing around 10% more than chipboard option.  It is a stronger board material and more moisture resistant although the edges still need sealing with a glued on edge tape.

It is worth noting that as well as the traditional clean white finish, laminate comes in a variety of colours or wood finishes.  Thus giving you more options for your final look.



Your third alternative kitchen cabinet carcass would be plywood.  This is made from layers of hardwood glued together under pressure.  It is used by bespoke cabinet makers and it is very stable and virtually bombproof.  You could choose to have your plywood carcass painted or, to show off the beautiful wood, a clear lacquer could be used instead.

Solid Wood

Finally there is solid timber.  Whilst carcasses made from this material may look attractive it would be inadvisable in a kitchen.  Solid timber carcasses  are more likely to twist or split due to the higher moisture content; unless sealed and maintained.

As experienced kitchen cabinetmakers Nicholas Martin Cabinets are able to discuss these options with you and individually tailor your kitchen to meet your vision and budget.  So call us on 01522 789011 to discuss your fitted kitchen or free-standing kitchen cabinet requirements.