Bespoke Handcrafted Kitchens 

Beginning with an initial site visit, we will work closely with you to create a bespoke kitchen to turn your dream kitchen into reality. Our wealth of experience and attention to detail will ensure that you receive the bespoke kitchen that you want. As experienced cabinet makers we are able to offer a range of styles from traditional to contemporary, or even something totally unique for you. 

Our experience and your vision will then be turned into detailed plans for your approval. 

We also offer you a wide range of materials and finishes.  From stunning lacquered oak, walnut and many other high-quality hardwoods to painted timber. 

Our highly skilled and dedicated cabinet makers take great care to build and install your bespoke kitchen to your complete satisfaction. We take as much pride in our finishing as we do our work, so that you don’t have to think about anything. We can finish and accessorise your piece of furniture as you want it. 

Unique Bedroom Furniture by Craftsmen 

Often overlooked, the bedroom is your private sanctuary, your retreat from the world, that personal, comfortable space you always see last thing at night and when you first open your eyes in the morning. It is also often your storage area. 

Why not let us work with you to create a special place to suit your taste; incorporating innovative and beautiful storage solutions that fulfil all your requirements in a creative way. 

From contemporary or traditional to freestanding or fitted for adults or children, the only limit is your imagination. 


The main factors determining our charges are the amount of cabinetry and detailing in the design. 

As a guide, in terms of kitchens, a small kitchen starts from about £10,000 (including VAT, appliances and worktops). 

We can talk through options with you to explain how costs can be significantly affected by different design details and methods of construction. 

We do charge a nominal fee of £250 (inc VAT) for drawing a detailed plan for a proposed kitchen that includes layout and costs. This will be taken off of your final invoice if you commission us to go ahead. Importantly, the design is yours even if for some reason you decide not to use us.